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Laughs, Legends, and Cheesesteaks: Diving into 'Yo Dom' with Joe Bartnick

A Night of Comedy Insights with Joe Bartnick

Hello, comedy enthusiasts! Steve Rinaldi here, and I'm buzzing with excitement to share the latest episode of 'Yo Dom' with the legendary Dom Irrera, where we welcomed the hilarious Joe Bartnick. Joe's recent hit 'A Killing in Chicago' on Bill Burr's All Things Comedy Network has been a game-changer in the comedy world, and we got the inside scoop!

Smith-Rock Saga Discussion:

We started off with a deep dive into the Will Smith-Chris Rock saga, offering our unique takes on the incident and its ripple effects in the comedy industry. This conversation was a blend of serious commentary and the kind of humor only true comedians can provide.

Stand-Up Comedy Drama:"Behind-the-Scenes Laughs"

Our chat took an entertaining turn with Joe's spot-on Schwarzenegger impressions and some untold stories from the world of stand-up comedy. This segment gives you a glimpse into the drama and hilarity that unfolds behind the curtains.

Joe Bartnick's Journey: "Exclusive Insights and Epic Performances"

Joe shared his experiences filming 'Old Dads' with Bill Burr and his memorable performance at Madison Square Garden. He also revealed some fascinating stories about Michael Jordan and the intriguing world of casino cities.

Comedy Special Insights:"Inside 'A Killing in Chicago'"

Get an insider's view into Joe's acclaimed special 'A Killing in Chicago' and his experiences working alongside comedy great Bill Burr. This part of the episode is a real treat for comedy lovers and aspiring comedians alike.

Merchandising in Comedy:"Dom Irrera's Wisdom"

Ever wondered about the business side of comedy? Dom shared his valuable insights on merchandising in the comedy industry, offering a blend of humor and practical advice.

Gastronomic Adventures: "The Quest for the Perfect Cheesesteak"

Join us on a delicious and humorous journey as we search for the ultimate cheesesteak. It's not just about food; it's about the stories that come with these culinary adventures.

Legendary Stories: "Dom Irrera, A Comedy Icon"

Hear stories from Dom Irrera, whose journey in comedy is nothing short of legendary. His anecdotes and wisdom are a masterclass in humor and resilience.

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