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About Steve Rinaldi

Comic. Podcaster.


Meet Steve Rinaldi, a dynamic stand-up comedian hailing from the vibrant streets of Philadelphia. Starting his comedy journey in 2012, Steve quickly became a local favorite, captivating audiences with his unique blend of humor and authenticity. His early days on stage at Philly's local bars and comedy clubs set the foundation for a rapidly ascending career in stand-up comedy.

Chicago and Improv Training

In 2015, Steve took a pivotal step in his career by moving to Chicago, a city known for its rich comedy heritage. Here, he immersed himself in improv training at the prestigious Second City & IO, sharpening his comedic skills. Performing at renowned Chicago comedy clubs like Laugh Factory and Zanies, Steve began to make a name for himself beyond his Philadelphia roots, showcasing his versatile humor and quick wit.

Current Performances

Today, Steve Rinaldi is a regular performer at the Funny Bone Comedy Clubs, where his shows are a highlight in the northeast comedy scene. His ability to draw laughter in diverse settings has led him to frequent performances in major cities like Philly, Atlantic City, and New York. Steve's presence on stage is magnetic, drawing in audiences with his relatable storytelling and engaging persona.

Collaborations and Podcast

Steve's comedic journey has been marked by notable collaborations with industry heavyweights, including the legendary Dom Irrera. Together, they co-host the popular podcast 'Yo Dom with Dom Irrera and Steve Rinaldi', a hit show that combines mentorship, humor, and insightful conversations about the intricacies of comedy. This venture showcases Steve's talent in a new medium, further solidifying his status in the comedy world.

Comedic Style and Connection

Steve's 'South Philly Italian' style resonates deeply with audiences, as he weaves narratives about family, relationships, and life's dysfunctions into his comedy. His approach is not just about eliciting laughter; it's about creating a connection, making each performance a memorable experience for his audience.


Steve Rinaldi's journey in comedy is not just a series of shows; it's an ongoing story of passion, laughter, and the power of humor to bring people together.

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