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June 4 Steve Rinaldi to Perform at "Ray DeVito & Ray Gootz Presents: inFamous Rays!" at The Stand in NYC

Steve Rinaldi at The Stand in NYC

Event Details

  • Venue: The Stand in NYC

  • Date: June 4

About the Show

If you're a comedy enthusiast in New York City, mark your calendar for June 4th! The Stand will be hosting a special comedy event, "Ray DeVito & Ray Gootz Presents: inFamous Rays!", featuring a stellar lineup of comedians, including the talented Steve Rinaldi. The show kicks off at 7:00 PM in the Upstairs room, promising an evening of laughter and entertainment.

The Lineup

The "inFamous Rays!" show boasts an impressive roster of comedians known for their unique styles and comedic prowess. Here's a closer look at the lineup:

Ray Gootz: Co-presenter of the show, Ray Gootz is a seasoned comedian known for his quick wit and engaging storytelling.

Bonnie McFarlane: A powerhouse in the comedy world, Bonnie has appeared on numerous TV shows and comedy specials. Her sharp humor and insightful observations make her a standout performer.

Steve Rinaldi: Known for his relatable humor and charismatic stage presence, Steve Rinaldi has been making waves in the comedy scene. His performances often draw from his personal experiences, delivering laughs with a touch of authenticity.

Sean Donnelly: With a charming demeanor and a knack for self-deprecating humor, Sean Donnelly has captivated audiences across the country. His ability to find humor in everyday situations makes his comedy universally relatable.

Dan St. Germain: A versatile comedian and writer, Dan St. Germain's clever jokes and unique perspective have earned him a loyal following. His performances are a mix of sharp wit and hilarious anecdotes.

Natalie Cuomo: A rising star in the comedy circuit, Natalie Cuomo brings a fresh and edgy style to her comedy. Her bold and unfiltered humor resonates with audiences, making her a must-watch performer.

& More!: The lineup also includes other talented comedians who will add to the evening's fun and laughter.

About The Stand

Located in the heart of New York City, The Stand is one of the premier comedy clubs, known for showcasing top-tier talent and providing a great atmosphere for comedy lovers. The club offers an intimate setting, allowing audiences to connect with the comedians and enjoy an up-close comedy experience.


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